Bronze statues of children jumping, climbing, twirling and running are set amongst a backdrop of luscious gardens, topiary animals, waterfalls, streams, fresh flowers, plants, trees, mushrooms, bridges, rocks and stone benches. In addition to the bronze statues of children, guests will delight in the bronze replications of favorite nursery fables including classics such as Humpty Dumpty, Old Mother Hubbard, and Little Bo Peep.

Scattered throughout, animatronic moving bugs, butterflies and insects create an earthly paradise. In the evening, nightscape lighting with changing colors and dancing waters provide highlights. Musical Garden provides the perfect venue for special occasions and will be themed and decorated for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and other holidays adding to the everyday magic of the garden. This white tablecloth restaurant offers exotic salads, fresh fish, and meats in a temperature controlled glass enclosed structure with an open garden feeling.

Kinetic sculptures and water features move with the natural light of the sun. Elements of wind and weather compliment these beautiful works of art. The music is live, performed by children playing the violin, flute, cello, piano and other instruments in strategic spots throughout the garden. The performances of the children among these beautiful sculpture gardens will resonate throughout the community. Sculptures of a huge chess set, boys and girls bicycling, running, hiding, swinging and playing baseball celebrate the wonderful world of being a child.

This kaleidoscope of artistry will create a must see, must eat attitude. Musical Garden is designed to appeal to all guests (families, parents, singles, grandparents, children) with 10,000 square feet of breathtaking gardens, sculptures and lush greenery. There will be 200 seats in the restaurant and 1,000 square feet of retail in this beautiful Musical Garden setting.

Musical Garden