Hank the Frank, Molly Mustard and Char-lie the Hotdog

The Tale of our Dogs

The Hot Dog Hall of Fame™: “Frankly, the best hot dogs, sausages, and french fries in the world™”, is a tribute and all-out celebration of the most iconic dogs of all time. These are the dogs which forever have earned their place in history as TOP DOGS. Defining nostalgic with timeless appeal, these are the dogs that we’ve have grown up with; born in our cities and towns, on the streets we’ve traveled down and the ballparks we’ve frequented; time and time again these are the dogs we relish.

Of course, while we feature a legendary line-up, we believe every dog has its day. So squeeze, season and “Paint your own Wiener™” to create your trophy dog at the Hot Dog Hall of Fame™. We’ve got thousands of condiment combinations that give every dog a chance to be a star! None of those condiments cut the mustard? Our mustard selection is renowned in itself. With our Art of Mustard™, we’ve got thousands of mustards straight from the Mustard Museum: sweet hot mustards, fruit mustards, hot pepper mustards, horseradish mustards, even spirit mustards. Of course, all of these choices can lead to quite a condiment conundrum. Don’t know where to start? Ask us, we’ll be frank with you! We’ve got so many suggestions on pairings and condiments; like for example, one part barbeque sauce and two parts southern slaw makes a North Carolina Dog, or one part yellow mustard, one part soy sauce and one part peanut sauce makes an Asian Dog…and so many more!

And of course, any top dog knows the support of its team is what leads to taste triumph. So pair yours with some piping hot fries. Choose from our hand-cut, shoestring, waffle fries or tater tots, all sprinkled with our shakers full of special seasoning the minute they come out of the fryer!  We do have a sweet side! Wrap up your meal with a sweet finish from our Doggie Desserts selection at Hot Dog Hall of Fame™!