On June 20, 1951, P.M. Roles received a permit to build the “Dairy Mor.” Since then, the building has changed owners and themes, and operated as “Buds Big Boy”, “Oak Hill Drive-In”, and the most well known, “Wagner’s Drive-In”. The building still stands today and is widely recognized as a local icon. For 27 years, Steven Schussler has been a fan of this nostalgic location. He has watched families and friends dine together and play frisbee with their dogs while waiting for their burgers. He has witnessed couples enjoy their first kiss over dinner and has experienced the incredible feeling of community as friends and family congregate to enjoy great food at this neighborhood drive in.

After driving past the building for nearly three decades and having a burning passion for drive in restaurants since he was a child, Schussler knew he wanted to do more. When he learned that the permit for the building was received on his birthday, it was the icing on the cake. He knew this was either an amazing coincidence or an alignment of the stars.

Schussler purchased the drive in with the idea of keeping it a neighborhood icon. The impressive support of the City of St. Louis Park and neighbors has allowed for a major upgrade to the building and the parking lot structure, which were in need of significant repairs. These upgrades – along with the addition of handicap accessible bathrooms, new and manicured landscaping, a new paved parking lot, blankets to extend the outdoor dining season and enhance guest comfort while dining, as well as a fire pit for guests to roast marshmallows over open flames and create their own delicious s’mores with graham crackers and melted chocolate – give this St. Louis Park icon a redefined heart and soul. Guests can even bring a part of Galaxy Drive In home with a fire-roasting s’more kit complete with two-foot long roasting sticks, large marshmallows, mouth-watering chocolate and crunchy graham crackers.

Although known for its award winning burgers some years ago, the ingredients and methods of cooking at the drive in have changed over the years. Galaxy Drive In is bringing back the once award winning burgers and their secret cooking methods, fries, onion rings and even new additions, including a canine cuisine menu!

Steven Schussler is proud to have lived in St. Louis Park for 27 years. As a man who loves life and lives it to its fullest, he is sure Galaxy Drive In will put smiles on many faces and generate new heart-felt memories for thousands of guests who love great food and an unbeatable drive in experience!

Galaxy Drive In