The Story of Betty & Joe

Betty grew up with an insatiable sweet tooth. At a young age, Betty was always in the kitchen in a flour flurry whipping up from scratch the towns best baked goods and pastries. She became an excellent baker; hand-crafting delectable French silk pies, mouth-watering peach cobblers and scrumptious scones. Betty decided to open up her own bakery and life seemed sweet, but Betty was missing something – a great cup of coffee and true love.

Joe was practically born with a cup of Java in his hand. Named after his parents’ favorite hot beverage – Joe always had an appreciation for good coffee, which is why he went into the coffee roasting business. His philosophy was coffee should be roasted to perfection, served hot in a mug with a homemade slice of pie.

Well, Joe happened upon Betty’s bakery one day. While savoring a six-layer carrot cake it suddenly occurred to him, as he gazed at Betty the baker, through a haze of powdered sugar and said:

“Betty, you’re missing something – true love and a good cup of Joe.”

Brushing her bakers hat away from her eyes, sweeping flour across her forehead. Betty replied:

“Why Joe, you need something sweet to make you complete.”

With a combined true love for baking, coffee making, and now each other,
Betty and Joe make the perfect pair. Stop on by Betty & Joe’s™ Baker and Coffee Maker™ for homemade baked goods and perfectly roasted coffee.