Leave your inhibitions at the door. Sultry, seductive jazz, legendary libations, unforgettable food, romance and ambiance abound at Aerobleu, where the Spirit of Cool is undeniable.

Throughout jazz history, there have been nightclubs where the music and the atmosphere ignite to become a cultural icon and part of history. In Paris, in the late 40’s, it was Aerobleu, notorious for all night jam sessions and its enigmatic owner, Max Morgan.

In the heady chaos and excitement of postwar Paris, in a time that was every bit as shadowy and as idealistic as it was reported to be, all paths crossed at Aerobleu. Drawn by a feverish mix of music and martinis, Hemingway, Picasso, and Bogart all flocked to hear the best jazz this side of Harlem.

When Max Morgan won an old DC-3 in an all night poker game, Miles Davis and Max Roach embarked on a journey, giving flight to the music in legendary jam sessions en route to New York, London, and New Orleans.

In the late 1950’s, the ever elusive Max Morgan disappeared, vanishing mysteriously from Havana, leaving behind some of the best jazz ever played and a state of mind that has come to be known as “Aerobleu.” At Aerobleu™, The Spirit of Cool™, fans flock from around the world for the food, martinis, and sensuous jazz, all mingled together in the seductive shadows of this 12,000 square foot, 325 seat sought-after getaway. Take home more than a memory – the 1,000 square foot retail store offers the finest collection of cool, including Aerobleu barware, dinnerware, and other upscale offerings.